Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32 Marine Discovery Centre

School bags ready (Kirsty's, Declan's, Reuben's and Ivy's
Rock Lobster or Crayfish or Lunch :)

Last day before school starts and the bags are lined up ready for the morning, and so we headed out to the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre.
Touch pool

The centre is a great place to visit with kids and family passes only $15 and many interactive displays, a touch pool, badge making and so on.

The 2D, 3D Shark
One of the displays is a holographic shark which scared Ivy to tears when Kirsty took her over to see it, but what made me laugh happened later.

Reuben and his badge
I will never swap you for 18 dhufish
Ivy decided to run away by herself only to turn the corner and be confronted by her nemesis, the 3D shark. I have included a photo of the 3D shark even though it is only obviously 2D in the photo.

Reuben weighed in at the how many fish are you, he showed three lights or 700 abalone or 159 herring or better still 18 dhufish.

Anyway have a great day and I look forward to morning preschool mayhem.

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