Saturday, February 19, 2011

Post 50 The trip to San Francisco

iPhone Photo - As I said in the tweet with this photo - hope
the guys in the cockpit are more awake than me 
A 4am start this morning to catch a domestic flight from Perth to Sydney in preparation for the next leg to Los Angeles, and then the final leg to San Francisco.

Thanks Julia for the lift I know getting up at 4am was not fun especially after Ivy being up and wanting to be awake at midnight.

Other than the feeling like I got up too early the first leg Perth to Sydney went well and I am in Sydney typing this up whilst waiting for the next flight which has now been delayed by 2 hours.

On a wing in my Qantas Boeing 767

The delay is not hard to take as I am not flying with kids and I am spending the time in the Qantas Club so there is plenty of food and drink and power.

At this stage I am unsure as to whether I will make my connection in LA in fact it is unlikely, but as I am arriving by midday it shouldn't be a problem to jump on another flight.

iPhone Photo - Sydney Qantas Club 
 Next post should be from San Francisco, have a great day.

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