Friday, February 25, 2011

Post 54 San Francisco International Airport

It is just after 6:15pm in the evening and I am at SFO waiting for the checkin counter to open for my 11pm Qantas flight to Sydney.

So one 14 hour flight then another 4 hour flight and about 4and a bit hours here and then I will be home.

A Classic Aircraft
I love Skype it so awesome at times like these where you can video call your kids from the other end of the world at no cost.

Earlier I went and had a look through the SFO Aviation Museum which heavily features the flying boat services into the Pacific which were flown from here.

I feel like it has been a short week in terms of the activity I have had here in the Bay Area and the people I have spent time with have all been fantastic, on the other hand it has been a long time away from home and the people I love.

Looking forward to being back there soon, all the best.

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