Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40 My Hard drive is dead

Julia stole Declan's wheels
Declan and Reuben staying
warm in Ireland

I went to grab the photos for today's post and one of my primary photo store drives died so thank god I have a drobo with backups. So I will post the Ardmore Ireland Post after restoring from my drobo as I do not touch the backup files on the drobo device for editing.

Ivy on her first Birthday again
For anyone interested I typically use a Primary drive to store my photos which then gets backed up to the drobo which is on my desk. Then I do a second backup which is located operantly and often off site if I am away from home for extended trips.

If you are interested in drobo go to

Sorry about the change for today's post, see you tomorrow and I have included a few more photos from the last Ireland trip.


  1. Jack,

    Try spinright, from
    It has fixed multiple disks for me, and kept others from failing at all.

    Best to you, and we love looking at your great pics!


  2. Thanks for the comment David, I will take a look at spinright today. I am replacing the drive now.