Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 37 Declan Racing gets wet but nothing else happens

Reuben and Declan
Steve getting his boat ready
We took Declan's Radio Controlled Sail Boat which he received as a present from his grandparents in Ireland Peter and Mary, to  Jackadder Lake.

As it was blowing a gale there was't much hope for the boat staying upright but we tried to sail it anyway.
Declan watching 

The boat couldn't be steered and spent some time totally on its side due to the intensity of the wind. Steve had brought his racing boat down and had much more luck with that but he also had to slow his speed or find his boat inverted.

Rudder removed
As I was trying to sail I unfortunately couldn't take any photos of the event so the photos today show what happened before and after the attempt.

One thing discovered on the boat today was a sloppy rudder with too much play in it, and so on our return home I replaced the split pin with a  screw and that took out the play.

Problem solved with the rudder 
Also when we returned home we heard that the strong wind was driving bush fires around Perth which at the time of my writing this has seen 40 homes destroyed and 60 damaged.

So many extreme and natural disaster events seem to be happening around Australia at the moment. So sad for those who lost their homes today, for a news article on this you can go here but obviously this link may not be relative in a few days.

All the best to you all, regards.

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