Monday, February 28, 2011

Post 56 The weather in Perth is hot, hot, hot,

Thunderstorms east of Perth

OK so I came back from San Francisco after a week of temperatures of around 10C and Perth is like 35-38C constantly and it is certainly upsetting people here.
Storm Building

I think 35C is nice at holiday resorts and when all you care about is having a good time, but when you need to work and do normal type activity like get a house ready to rent out it becomes a bit hot.

Speaking of getting the house ready, it looks like we may find ourselves over in the US somewhere in the Bay Area with a target date ranging May June.

Nice lightning display
So the honey do list is getting longer daily and I have not started on the items yet, so I better start soon as I am sure the list will not stop growing.

Employment contract negotiation and immigration documentation will be another part of what needs to happen this month.

Today's photos are the thunderstorms which affected areas in country east of Perth but certainly helped to cool things down a bit.

Have a great day, and stay cool :)


  1. Great images today Jack. I enjoyed the thunderstorms today but didn't get to take any photos of them.

  2. Thanks Chris,
    I know it is always hard to find time to take photos but it is always worth the effort. I look forward to seeing some more from you, especially from your new 5D MKII.


  3. Loving following the adventures of you and the family. I am over in the bay area in August, if all goes to plan and you are over by then, it would be good to catch up.

    Chris Myers

  4. Chris,
    Good to hear from you, and thanks for your kind words, it would be fantastic to host you in the US. If all goes well we should know the timings within a month to six weeks.