Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 41 No Ardmore post yet and an interruption to the Ireland series

More paper planes today
I have purchased a new drive to replace the 500gig WD drive which I lost as per yesterdays post.

The drive I purchased is a 2000 gig or 2 TB drive which has gone into my drobo and I have pulled a 1TB drive out to replace the one that failed.

The reason I have not continued with the Ardmore and Ireland post is because I needed to take some photos today and wanted to post them.
The Robots

Drobo with cover open
One photo I wanted to post, just for personal history, is more paper planes, it has been a busy week and Julia finally caught up on some folding of paper planes.

Another photo is that of the adhesive robots on the boys cupboard doors, and the story behind this is that after painting the boys room last December Julia bought these stickers which are paint safe.

The dead hard drive
We chickened out of sticking them on the walls and we decided to place them on the cupboard doors instead, and with the boys help.

Last night Reuben told me how much he enjoyed looking at the Robots whilst falling asleep so I had to include a photo today.

I have also included a photo of the drive which failed, and the drobo with orange lights flashing to indicate it is assimilating the new 2TB drive I placed into it today.

So Ardmore/Declan's town will be up tomorrow, unless something changes.

Have a great day, thanks for visiting.

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