Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post 87 Hairy Maclary comes by for a second visit

Hairy Maclary is an adventurous dog who spends a week with each member of the kindy class and this past week it was Reuben's visit.

This makes it visit number two to our house as two years ago Hairy visited Declan and Reuben remembered his visit from then.

Reuben and Hairy summarise the week
Reuben was able to spend the first night watching the last launch for the Space shuttle Endeavour on Monday.

Tuesday Hairy spent a bit of time in the car driving around with Reuben and the rest of the family as Declan was sick and Ivy stays home on Tuesdays with Reuben.

Shuttle Launch

The rest of the week Hairy went for a walk and also enjoyed riding around on the iRobot - robotic vacuum cleaner, to the great enjoyment of 3 giggling kids.


Hairy heads back to school tomorrow and so we wish him luck on his future adventures.
Declan with Hairy two years ago

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Post 86 Last Sunday

Ivy points at something in Fremantle Harbour, she needs more practice at the pointing thing :)

In celebration of Mothers day on Sunday we headed to Fremantle for breakfast followed by some time spent in the town.

Ivy not happy with the Latte
We then returned home prior to taking a coastal walk with a stop over for some afternoon tea.

The walk

Declan relaxes at a cafe

Whilst it was a quiet day overall, it certainly was a great family day out with opportunities for many photos, here are a few.

Back soon with more posts, soon, no really!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Post 85 2nd May - Happy Birthday Kirsty

Ship mates James
 and Kirsty
Safe me Kirsty
Today is Kirsty's 16th Birthday and since my blog is heavily focussed on recording family history and adventures in photos, I thought I would dig up some of my oldest digital photos of Kirsty.

Kirsty and Julia

So Happy Birthday Kirsty and I hope you enjoy the photos I have posted here, they are my 5 oldest digital photos of you.


I am looking forward to spending the day with you today.

Photo 1 Ship mates was taken in in July 1998 with you and James on Negotiator.
Kirsty and James with mum

Photo 2 Safe me Kirsty is in Disneyland 2000.

Photo 3 Kirsty and Julia at my parents 2002.

Photo 4 Speed Julia and Kirsty hold on as Rage races from Fremantle to Garden Island.

Photo 5 Kirsty and James with my mother in 2003.

Hope you all have a great day also.

Post 84 Hi it is me - I am back

My 365 project is accumulating holes and this is my first post since April the 18th, sorry to those that have been checking back daily looking for posts.  Anyway actions speak louder than words so stay tuned as I am back into daily posts at least and maybe a little more.