Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 43 Ardmore St Declan's Town Part 2 - Ireland series continues

St Declan's Holly Well - Julia and Declan
St Declan's Hermitage Church Wall

Something did get in the way of this post and that is why it is a day late, but here it is the second part of our visit to Ardmore.

Remains of the 13-14th Century Church

As mentioned previously Ardmore is St Declan's town in a way and having given our son Declan his name it was a great reason to visit the place.

St Declan's Hermitage Church

As we continued up the hill towards St Declan's Hermitage we came to the Holy Well and the remains of the Church which is estimated to be 13th and 14th century for the standing wall.

The Well had water and I took the opportunity to drink from it after moving aside the insects and other items on the surface.

Ardmore marina 

We had time to look around and it was a lovely day back on the 26th July 2005, Declan ended up investigating parts of the old church by crawling around and touching as much as he could anything he came across.

 It was a good day trip although the drive in those days from Athlone was long for a day trip. I know that a large part of Ireland has seen improved highways across the country over the past 10 years and it may be a faster trip now.

More on Ireland in the next post, I hope to have two posts for tomorrow so I can catch up, have a great day.

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