Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42 Ardmore St Declan's Town Part 1 - Ireland series continues

Sea wall at Ardmore

Riding high
Ardmore is located in Co Waterford Ireland and the oldest Christian settlement in Ireland, one of Ireland's tidiest towns, and it is where St Declan lived.
At the current church

Julia and I named our first son Declan in recognition of some of his heritage being Irish.

We decided to take him to visit the place which helped make the name so Irish, and on one of our trips to Ireland in 2005 when Declan was only 11 months old he visited Ardmore.

Ardmore not very big
To trip to Ardmore from Athlone was fine although back then the roads did create some car motion sickness for the little man, and we did have to pull to the side and change his clothes and clean the car seat. It was a great day for the trip in that it was mainly dry and sunny and we arrived to see an active coastal town in the summer.

Looking down towards the town
We wanted to see the historic aspects of the place and first went to take a look at the current church and then started to make our way up the hill towards St Declan's Hermitage.

Tomorrow unless something gets in the way, I will post on the Hermitage area including the old church and St Declans well.

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