Wednesday, August 24, 2011

90: Mt Diablo Contra Costa County California

Mt Diablo

On Sunday 21st August we made a trip to Mt Diablo (Google Map)an isolated up-thrust peak at 3,864 ft or 1,178 m, and about a 90 minute drive from Cupertino.

The boys loved the views
Our first stop was a third of the way to the summit at a group of car parks at a camping ground full of rocky outcrops.

The kids just loved climbing and exploring this area and have asked to go back there.

Even little Ivy loved it even though she kept falling over, and we all agree that next time we will dress better for rock climbing.
Mt Diablo rock climbing

Mt Diablo - the road up
After a lot of fun climbing rocks we jumped back in the car and headed to the summit of Mt Diablo which has one of the largest viewsheds in the United States.

We drove in comfort past many cyclists struggling to get to the top, and others free wheeling down the mountain at ridiculous speeds.

Mt Diablo Summit 

 It was a good day and we look forward to going back :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

89 A jump in time since the last post; or bye Perth hi Cupertino

On the 4th July, US Independence Day this year I published my Goodbye to Perth post and now six weeks and two days later I am finally writing another.
The container

I have a good excuse, but then I would think that, but the real issue is I am feeling a little guilty about not keeping my commitment of posting regularly.

Changi Airport

So lets see how it goes from now on and to make my life a little easier in regards to posts I am no longer committing to daily posts and instead would like to post at least a couple of times per week.

London to Dublin

Back to the excuse well it is made up of, getting visa's for the US, packing up the house, shipping to the US, selling cars, renting out our house, flying to the US via Ireland whilst waiting for furniture to ship, buying a car, finding a house to rent, and the other 100 or so things associated with such a move.

Hotel - San Jose
Now things are starting to settle down but the list is not yet complete, but at least the blog is seeing some attention.
The new car

See you soon.