Monday, February 7, 2011

38 Ireland, today is the beginning of a series on Ireland

When Irish cows are not smiling
Declan laughs out loud - a place for photos and fun
Peter and Mary's place - love the colours 

I am excited to start work on posting about photos I have taken in Ireland, and today is the first part of that.

We have had great opportunity to visit Ireland with Julia's parents living there and I must say it is hard to grow bored of the place.

Views everywhere you go
If I was to spend another 10 years visiting I know I would only just start to become familiar with the country.

Peter and Mary live in Athlone although they actually live outside of Athlone in a beautiful house they built overlooking a rolling valley with Athlone on the horizon.

Today I have posted a few photos from a trip made in June and July 2009 and it isn't on any specific theme but later I will post on specific locations.
Ivy at One

On this trip Ivy had her first Birthday and she loved the extended Birthday celebrations with the extended family.

Enjoy, have fun, and travel when you can, it is always worth the money.
Celtic Cross symbolic of the Country 

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