Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31 Watermans Beach and the countdown to school

Top soil sliding down to the water line at Watermans Beach

Exposed sand bags at Watermans Beach
Today as per my promise I went back to Watermans Beach to see how the higher than normal tide and other conditions associated with the tropical storm affected the beach.

As mentioned before I decided to pick on Watermans Beach because over the last 12 months there was a substantial amount of remedial work done to protect the facilities and road from being effected by sand erosion.

Looking South along Watermans Beach
In summary it looks like the large sandbags stood up to the storm well enough although a large number of the bags are now exposed and are now an eye sore. A large amount of the top soil delivered to cover the bags has been washed around or away.

The beach has been closed and it will be interesting to see the next steps taken by the authorities in respect to reopening the beach.

Back in March 2010 the sandbags go in to protect
the slope at Watermans Beach
On a totally separate note the kids are back to school on the 2nd February :) it will be great for them to have some routine back in their lives.

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