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Day 44 and 45 Giants Causeway The Ireland Series

James - Giants Causeway 2008
Cold Morning Giants Causeway
December 2008

I yet again fell behind on posting daily yesterday, so I thought I would make up for it today and extend the number of photos being posted and a new section/format.

Photo by James
Julia 2008
Julia made a great point in relation to the blog and that was that whilst she loved the Ireland Series, it has prevented me updating on daily activity.

Taking this on-board I have decided to head up any post with a today section for all those times I am posting older photos, such as I have today.

Giants Causeway 2008
Giants Causeway 2008
So what is happening, well the usual in relation to the kids with mainly school and day care now coming on line to fill out the no school days for Reuben and a few days for Ivy.

At this stage Julia and I each have a full day with the kids and the rest of the time it is either school or daycare for Ivy and Reuben.

Julia is working three days at the Office of Energy and doing her Honours project at www.juliaandrys.com the free days. Anyway I want to continue the Ireland Series with photos of the Giants Causeway.

July 2005
Dec 2008

Giants Causeway Northern Ireland Co Antrim 2005 and 2008
The Causeway coast is a fantastic part of Ireland an well worth visiting and I stand by that with having done so twice and would love to go back again.

In July 2005 we visited with Julia's parents Peter and Mary, and her sister Claire with her husband Steve. Then in December 2008 we went back with Julia's parents again but this time with the five kids, James, Kirsty, Declan, Reuben and Ivy.

Giants Causeway 2005
The area has great scenery with cliffs castles, spectacular coast lines and some quaint towns and pubs.

As to the Giants Causeway itself here are a number of images from the two visits to the Basalt columns created from volcanic activity sixty million years ago.
Giants Causeway 2005

I have also include the rope bridge which is located close by and is a lot of fun unless that sort of thing makes you feel a little unwell.

The bridge is only open for the summer months so take that in mind if you go to cross the bridge, but if you do cross you can obtain a certificate just like Declan did.

Have a great day and I will try to catch up on my posts, it is still my intention to have posted 365 times this year.

On the shoulders of giants
Declan and Peter 2005

Rope Bridge 2005

 More Ireland posts coming up but this will change as on Sunday I am heading to San Francisco.

Basalt Columns Giants Causeway

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