Friday, February 18, 2011

Post 48 Cobh (Queenstown) The Ireland Series

An extra photo from Blarney - Julia and her dad Peter
Spent some time on documentation in preparation to for departure to San Francisco in just over a days time and subsequent immigration lawyer meetings and the Launch conference and catching up with a few people.

Cobh was named Queenstown back in 1912when the Titanic was at anchore near the mouth of Cobh harbour.
The original pier for boarding
 tenders to the Titanic

It was an interesting sea port town when we visited and I am sure looks even better with a blue sky.

I was able to take some photos of the original jetty or pier that passengers used to board the tenders which took them out to the Titanic.

Another shot of the original pier for boarding
 tenders to the Titanic

On a side note I also recently heard on a science podcast that the remains of the Titanic are being eaten away by a newly discovered steal eating microbe.

Have a wonderful day, see you tomorrow.

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