Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 39, Ireland Downpatrick Head Co Mayo

A natural bridge at
 Downpatrick Head
Continuing with Ireland in today's post and from the same trip I mentioned yesterday on a wet day (not unusual).

East of Ballycastle in Co Mayo we have Downpatrick Head a region with spectacular scenery, blow holes, cliffs and natural bridges.

Stay away from the edge take a
 look at the next photo as to why
Looks like they are closer to the edge in the photo but
in reality it wasn't the case

We arrived not knowing what to expect at first, the weather was lousy with showers rolling in every 20 minutes and visibility being low due to drizzle and cloud.
A couple of strangers on top of the next cliff along. 

A little further along the coast
 and the sun came out
Getting out of the cars with the kids in between the showers we saw a gentle rise heading towards the coast covered in green.

Peter Smith before he got is DSLR
As we headed up the slope we came face to face with the blow holes and natural bridges, elevation and erosion.

At one point I stood one side of a gap with Julia the kids and Mary on the other side and each of us being concerned for each other.

I would love to go back and take some more shots during a sunny day for more description on the location have a look at www.lookaroundireland.com.

Tomorrow we head to Declan's town, all the best.

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