Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34 If they say they will help this is what you get and School photo from yesterday

Water play
Water in the back Reuben take that!
Watering the lawn
OK so back to a few family shots today but tomorrow it will be non family again to keep breaking it up.

They said they would help, they said they would water only the lawn, and they said they wouldn't get wet.

Then they forget what they say and what they promise at the first sign of naughty fun. In the first three photos Ivy and Reuben do their best at watering the lawn using their heads; and every other part of their body as sprinklers.

Yesterday via my iPhone
Also before anyone asks for a photo from yesterday I have put up the last photo for today which shows Declan and Reuben in School uniforms on their first day back and Ivy tagging along to drop them off.

Shortly after this photo was taken Declan fell over backwards and ending up on his back with his school bag pinning him down like an inverted turtle.

Have a great day all and thanks for visiting.

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