Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 35 Leeuwin II Tall Ship

Leeuwin rigging

My first photo of the Leeuwin (lucky shot from the air)
Leeuwin from City Beach

The sail training ship Leeuwin II is a three mast barquentine, and I have enjoyed taking photos of her over the years.

In my first photo of her I was actually flying a Cessna 172 and took the shot one handed so I was surprised that it wasn't motion blurred.

Leeuwin at anchor from Scarborough 
Also the photo was taken with an early DSLR D70 and non Nikon lens.

I was also lucky to catch the Tall Ship sailing south along City Beach towards Fremantle and look a few good shots and Julia even had one of the shots from this shoot placed on canvas and it looks great.

Leeuwin sailing south to Fremantle
Short post today hope you like the photos

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