Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post 53 Launch Conference

Launch Conference
Today I attended the Launch conference which has been organised by Jason Calacanis, and who brought 1300 people together made up of 50+ startup companies, 50+ journalists, and 20+ panel members consisting of CEO's, Venture Capitalists, and Angel investors.

I was totally impressed by the first day of the conference having watched 26 presentations and meeting the people behind some of the startups and a few of the investors.

I came over at the invitation of Jason and I am very happy I made the effort and thanked him for the invite.

Later in the day at the VIP party former Vise President Al Gore visited and mingled with most people there after having a lengthy discussion with Jason.

Sorry for the poor quality photo I only had my iPhone to take it with.

I look forward to tomorrow for more of the same, all the best.


  1. Certainly was David, and next year I hope to be at South by South West also.