Saturday, February 19, 2011

Post 49 Scitech

I 'd like to be, under the sea

Today we went to Scitech, a place we visit with the kids about once every two years and always enjoy it.

I am sure that they would have stayed the whole day if it was possible. The place is full of learning activities based around a do and learn approach to science.

It is just as much fun for adults as it is for children. Since I was there last there has been a lot of change with new displays and we didn't have time to play with all of them, also we picked a very busy day for it with a special toddler day happening.

Declan, Reuben and I took the chance to see the Planetarium show on our solar system, and "Journey to the Stars".

Julia levitates a ?
Beach balls float

So a few photos today and all were taken with very high ISO's as the place doesn't have much available light.

Now it is 10:30pm and I am catching flights to San Francisco tomorrow at 5:45am so time to go pack the rest of my gear.

All the best, I will try to post whilst travelling tomorrow.
Faster than the speed of light

The light and sound wall

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