Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11 West Coast Drive - the drive home

Looking North with West Coast Drive up on top
One of my favorite aspects of driving home is the ability to take the coastal road which may extend the journey by five minutes but is so worth it.  The drive is along West Coast Drive, and only takes approximately 15 minutes before I come to my turn off.

Watermans Beach erosion 

In the morning visibility is great out to sea as it is the west coast and in the afternoon it is affected by quite a bit of glare and often sea spray from a sea breeze.

Today's photos were taken at about 5:45pm so it isn't as crisp in terms of light as the morning but the view is still very pleasing when compared to the alternate route which is a highway.

North to Hillarys Boat Harbour West Coast Drive

On some of the beaches we are seeing a lot of erosion as is evidenced in the second photo where a Disabled access way now hangs high above the beach level, and a sandbag wall has been built to protect the rest of the beach.

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