Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18 Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia

Spitfire on display outside and another inside
By global standards the Aviation Heritage Museum in Western Australia is small; but having said that the information which is covered and aircraft on display are mainly Western Australia or Australia.

This therefore paints a very local picture of aviation history in Western Australian covering pioneer, commercial, and the wars.

Today Reuben in front Declan and Ivy in the back
Aircraft on display include a Catalina flying boat, a Lancaster, Tiger Moth, C-47, Canberra, Spitfire, and many more.

One of the aircraft is setup for children to play in and photos 2 and three show today and August 4th 2007 in the same plane.  Amazing how quickly time changes the little people.

August 4th 2007 Reuben up front and Declan 
Have a great day see you tomorrow

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