Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25 Today's destination Kings Park

Never smile at one of these

Ivy runs close to the edge
lucky her mum didn't see
me let her.
I didn't use my sugar so Ivy decided to have it
Today we spent some time venturing through Kings Park and I found myself again photographing fast moving kids in harsh daylight.

I find the dynamic range on my Nikon D700 to be exceptional and it often surprises me with the results.

Without using any fill flash or reflectors and when the kids have hats on to shade their face I usually try to expose for the shaded face but then adjust so as to not blow out any highlights. This then may take a bit of work in Adobe Lightroom to increase exposure on the face.

DNA tower Kings Park Perth WA

So only a week left before school starts now so we intend to spend as much time as we can doing things that are fun for the kids.

 I enjoyed bumping up the colours in the DNA tower, totally unrealistic but I love the way the orange and blue work together. I also noticed that that the censor has some dust on it so I will need to clean that shortly.

Have a great Australia Day tomorrow to all those celebrating it.

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