Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30 Humid but no Cyclone Bianca

Red and White Bolivian quinoa with roasted vegetables

Reuben trying his luck at walking on water
Cyclone Bianca dissipated into a low pressure system with little effect except for an increased sea hight and some wind.

Not even any heavy rain came about from the system and by now it has certainly crossed the coast.

So hot and humid meant that time in the pool was a great way to spend some time and Reuben attempted to walk on water but had little luck.

Watermans Beach today 6pm
On the way home this afternoon from lunch with friends we headed via Watermans Beach just to see how the beach was going. It was only around 5:30pm  so we were a few hours away the expected peak in tide and storm surge.

As you can see many others came to look and some to play. It was noticeable that the sand covering the sandbag wall was leaving the beach. The waters were very clouded with the eroding sand from the shore with patches of dark clouded water where vegetation was also being washed away.

I intend to have a look at the beach tomorrow, have a great day or night.

Here is a link to my vimeo account for a better quality version of the video


  1. Interesting developments in the erosion of this lovely beach. Also, could you tell us a bit more about the yummy looking food in the first photo from this post?

  2. Chris, Thanks for your question, it is a salad Julia made for lunch, I have added the caption.

    Red and White Bolivian quinoa with roasted vegetables.

    All the best