Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24 Aidan's Monsters arrive, and a couple of other things happen

Aidan's Monster drawings
Defrosting bread for lunch
Aidan's Monsters are drawings sold by Aidan's family to help cover the costs of his Leukemia treatment. Aidan is 5 and he loves clowns, monsters and drawing his blog is here. We received the monster drawings from Aidan this week and in our first photo today Declan and Reuben are holding up four of the drawings.

Thank you very much Aidan for your fantastic drawings from all of us and especially Declan, Reuben and Ivy, and we all wish you a very speedy recovery.

Other items of note today were, a hair cut for Declan and dad, a quick game of tip and run cricket, and a bread slice tower.

Declan before haircut 
Declan after

Have a great day everyone

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