Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8 Hamelin Bay, Wine Tasting, RC Boats and Redgate Beach

Reuben and Declan Hamelin Bay
5am start today enabled us to cram a lot into our last day at Margaret River, with a trip to Hamelin Bay being first on the agenda.  We arrived at Hamelin Bay around 6:15am and Reuben almost immediately got drenched in his normal clothes whilst playing chicken with the waves.

After getting the kids into beach gear it wasn't long before we saw our first ray, with many more to follow all swimming along the beach within wading distance.  The first photo is from the Hamelin Bay and shows Reuben holding a stringy piece of sea weed whilst Declan is in the background throwing a brain shaped bit of sea weed.

Ivy's foot prints Hamelin Bay

The second photo shows little Ivy's foot prints with her four toed left foot impression because her second toe on her left foot doesn't always touch the ground.

We returned to Margaret river after the trip to Hamelin Bay and went to the Margaret River Bakery which is just fantastic for food, service and setting.  Wine tasting was next on the agenda with a trip to Watershed and Leeuwin Estate.

Steve's RC Boat into a corner with a rainbow rooster tail

After the wine tasting we had time for Steve to show off his RC Boat on the Margaret River dam, much to the displeasure, frustration, and or interest of a few local dogs.

Reuben plays on Redgate Beach

The last activity before dinner was another trip to Redgate Beach which was no way as calm as what it was on our visit on day 5.  So the bags are packed for the trip home and Julia and the kids are in the tent on the back lawn by the river camping and it is my shift next in the tent once I post this.

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