Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13 The Doggy Beach, Peter Smith, The Barkster, Punishing pixels

Peter Smith
An early morning visit to the Dog Beach today brought excitement to the Barkster, our 6 year old Labrador and Retriever cross.  The beach is located just north of Hillarys Boat Harbour and is a fantastic beach as it is well protected resulting in mostly calm conditions, and especially with an Easterly wind blowing.

Usually we would take the kids with us but as this was a quick trip before work and the grandparents are still over from Ireland to babysit, we decided to leave them with Julia's mum in bed at home.  Julia's dad came with us and on other occasions he has taken Barkster by himself to the beach in the morning.
Barkster doing his thing

On photography today I tried to take the shots with a different perspective such as the first one of Peter walking onto the beach.  Whilst this tends to provide an unusual and more interesting perspective, the shots are harder to take as you are not behind the viewfinder to confirm framing and focus.

Punished Pixels
I used the same technique for the shots of the Barkster and the keeper ratio was about 1 in 10, so not too bad.  Whilst in most cases the only adjustments I make to my shots are small colour and contrast changes, sometimes I like to punish the pixels.  As you can see in the sky and ocean shot I got a bit carried away with Lightroom, but I don't mind it.


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