Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19 More Fun and then a Sunset

Ivy takes a slide
Todays Sunset Perth Western Australia

The last three days I have been home with the kids whilst Julia has been working, and tomorrow and Friday I am back at work at WebSpy for my last two days.  I have left WebSpy and this is my last week serving out my notice period.

So today it was shopping, and then playground at Watermans Bay and then home, before waiting to after dinner for another trip out to view the sunset.  All was going well at sunset and then Reuben at full pelt stacked it on to the bitumen. Some skin was lost and we ended up having to leave to clean him up but he is a tough little feller.

Todays photos include a crop of Ivy going down the slide showing only her legs, in which I love the sand falling onto the slide as she goes together with the shape and colour of the slide.  Then two photos from the sunset session.  I had intended to do a long exposure moon lit shot tonight but the clouds have come in, and this will have to wait.


  1. Excellent photos Mr. Jack! Looks like you guys are eating well and enjoying some great quality family time. Keep it up! ~Will Donnel

  2. Thanks Will,
    I hear you may be coming over to Perth, sounds like an evening out may be in order if you get over here.