Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28 Albany Wind Farm

Early morning Albany Wind Farm
Albany Wind Farm Turbines
Here is a post on a trip back in January 2010, and a few photos without kids in them.
In the first week of January 2010 I had the opportunity to photograph at the Albany Wind farm.
The Wind Farm is located about 12 km south west of Albany Western Australia, and generates around 75% of the electricity used by Albany.
The wind farm is owned by Verve Energy and was commissioned in October 2001.  The Turbines are of 1800 KW capacity sitting of 65m towers with 35m blades.  Clean green power produced here is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 76,000 tonnes per year.
Looking straight up at a Wind Turbine - Albany

We were staying about 5 km east of Denmark so it was a 45-50 km trip to Albany, and as we wanted to be there at dawn it meant a 4am start.  The first attempt was abandoned due to cloud, and then on the second attempt the sky at Denmark was clear so it was a go, but on location the situation was different.  A clear sky or a sky with high cloud would have been preferred.


  1. Isn't the idea to take a photo every day? What photo did you take today?

  2. Thanks for the comment Stefanie, to satisfy your request I will post an extra shot from yesterday just for you :)

    Regards Jack