Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12 Julia goes to work, More paper planes, Shooting with film

Julia walks off to catch the train to work
The day started with Julia, (my wife), starting at her new job at the Office of Energy after completing her studies last year in Environmental Science and Energy.  Although she is continuing some study with a research project this year using atmospheric modelling to predict the expected output of renewable energy resources.  Julia has her blog at .

Pentax ME Super SLR

35 mm film an expensive way to shoot photos

On a photography note my father in-law picked up some film for me to run through his old Pentax ME Super 35mm film SLR camera.  I look forward to seeing how the shots come out, and it makes me think how difficult it would be to do a daily post with photos if you were using film.

Last three paper planes

Last shot today is one of the last three planes built, which Julia folded today.

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