Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Post 73, Under the Sorrento stars - or - overnight camp out on the school oval

On the oval for Under the Sorrento Stars
Reuben sits in the tent looking
like he did all the work
It was a very busy weekend, especially for the little ones with activities starting Friday night and continuing all the way through to Sunday afternoon.

Max - the big kid in this photo
Friday night activity included dinner out, followed by a movie (Rango), then half an hour at a games arcade, with many games being played by all.

Julia came along for the afternoon
 early evening this year but
had to take Ivy home later
Saturday's most awaited activity was the School organized fundraiser Under the Sorrento Stars, which was an overnight sleep out on the school oval.

Tim plays to his old school
Declan and Reuben were at last year's event and loved it, so there was no way we would not be doing it again this year.

In the main the program is; get to the oval, pitch your tent, run around and play with all your school friends if you are at school; and the parents get together watch and chat.
Tim Montgomery

It is a great event for the kids and a catch up chat for parents, it also provides a great fund raising opportunity for the school at $45 per tent and $5 per meal deal.

An ex student of the primary school who has now released his own album, Tim Montgomery was there to entertain everyone, and we purchased one of his CDs after listening to him play at the school.

Reuben in the tent again - this time out for the night

I am going to post some additional photos from the day on the next post just to split the photos over the two posts.

Sorry for not putting up any posts over the past few days.

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