Monday, March 7, 2011

Post 61 Happy Birthday to Lilly

In celebration of cousin Lilly's third Birthday on Sunday here are three photos taken on the Pentax before I have to hand it back.
Little Miss cake
Pass the parcel
Happy Birthday
Sunday was a full day with a breakfast event followed by some shopping then Lilly's Birthday party and finally dinner with friends at the beach.

I ended up heading to bed at a very embarrassing time of 9:30pm.

Today was a much easier day with most of it spend doing paperwork - so not very exciting.

Hope your weekend was well spent; tomorrow I will be back to taking photos with my Nikon D700 which is now approaching 33 months old.

It has been the best Camera I have owned so far and as such I am not surprised that Nikon has yet to announce its replacement.

All the best.

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