Sunday, March 13, 2011

Post 64, Lunch in Fremantle then Sculptures by the Sea

Reuben getting stuck into his pasta
Ivy waiting for food
Sculptures by the sea
It is such a different world being in sunny, warm and safe Perth and looking at the images from Japan where some areas have been totally devastated.

Whilst I know everyone is aware through the same media reports, and have probably counted their blessings similar to us, I feel like I need to mention it out of respect.

Whilst we are having a wonderful Sunday with the family, Japan is in crisis and our thoughts are with those struggling post the earth quake and tsunami and hopefully no third disaster from nuclear power stations.
Sculptures by the sea
Sculptures by the sea

On our day, we had an early lunch at Gino's in Fremantle where some of the entertainment was Reuben eating his spaghetti, and I enjoyed taking photos of the many moods of hungry Ivy.

After lunch we headed to Sculptures by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach which is one of Perth's best known beaches and the event is an annual one but this being the first I have attended.

It was extremely popular and full of photographers, I was surprised as to how much the kids enjoyed the sculptures, but then again the sculptures where brilliant.

Some of the sculptures are on this post and the link to the web site is here.

All the best
Sculptures by the sea
Sculptures by the sea

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