Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Post 58 Beaches north of Perth, Time out and iPad 2 - I wish

Perth north beaches

Beach colours
Today, or should I say this morning, I took time after the school drop offs to photograph the beach near the Wild Fig Cafe.

Whilst it only took 5 minutes to take the photos it feels great to take the time out for some personal time.

I thought I would post early today and that way may have a chance to do another this evening.

Whilst sitting at the Cafe I reviewed the video on Apple's iPad 2 Launch and I must say I am hoping I may be lucky enough to upgrade as I love my iPad 1.

On my last trip to San Francisco I found I could leave my notebook pc behind and just use the iPad for everything.

The iPad together with a Verizon MiFi and I was set, and the skype calls saved a ton of money.

Have a great day and try to take some time out for yourself, take care.


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