Friday, March 4, 2011

Post 59 My morning with Reuben, Star Swamp

Reuben and Games
Ice Cream and a photo pose by
Had a great opportunity to spend time with Reuben this morning one on one.

Julia was at Uni working on her honours project, Declan was at school and Ivy at the family centre.

Reuben and I visited a games parlour, had coffee, milk and biscuits and ice cream.

Then we picked up Ivy and went to Perth for Reuben's 4 year old vaccination shots. where Julia caught up with us.

Reuben insisted that today I put photos of him up on the blog, that made me smile.

Star Swamp all dry in the summer 

Later this afternoon we made a trip to Star Swamp where we found it to be dry as expected, and took samples which the guys will place in water and under the microscope tomorrow.

This was followed by a trip to the beach to take more samples for Declan's microscope.

Last year Julia did some real sampling at both Star and Carine Swamps and I included a photo from then.

Hope you have great weekend, see you again soon.
Julia sampling at Carine Swamp

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