Monday, March 21, 2011

Post 70, Sunday was a Fair day, Just snaps of the kids

Sunday we headed down to a local fair, and in the main it was all about rides and a little bit of side show alley.

We were surprised that Ivy was into trying a ride again especially as last time she spent the entire ride with Mary crying, but this time she loved it.

Prizes were won in the pluck a duck fishing game and then more rides, this time on a pony for Declan, Reuben, and Ivy.

I can't seem to get away from taking photos of the children at the moment, as you can see.

Things are busy at home with a lot of preparation going in for our potential US move so I can't see myself getting out and away from the vicinity of the house and suburb any time soon.

I will get back to some of my original post topics soon, like the film which I put through Peter's old Film SLR and some more on Ireland and also Colin Smith.

All the best.

The trip finished with fairy cakes and fairy floss.

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