Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Post 66, More sail boats, the moon, and police cars

Leeuwin II this evening against Rottnest Island and Nautical twilight 
It was getting late in the day and I had not taken any photos today, I was starting to think that I would be posting some more from my library, then Chris phoned (Fat Frog Foto - ).

Tonight's Moon
He said that the Leeuwin was at anchor and could be seen from Trig Beach but was a fair way out. I knew I wasn't going to make it before sunset but Nautical twilight with a tripod could still work. So we packed the kids into the car after dinner and headed out.

Julia took the three little ones down to the beach whilst I set up my tripod, changed to the 70-200mm lens and attached the wired shutter release and set the D700 to mirror lockup before setting exposure.

After taking the shots of the Leeuwin I did the old photographer trick of looking at what was behind me and deciding to take a few shots of the moon.

I then returned to taking more shots of the Leeuwin when a Police car pulled up next to me and the friendly officer came over to have a chat.

Reuben and Declan - at least they are
not in the back of the Police car
We were talking away as the Julia and the kids returned to the car park from the beach, and soon Reuben and Declan were sitting in the Police car with lights flashing - adding to the adventure of their evening.

For more info on the Leeuwin II you can go to and for the island behind the ship

Have a great day.

Leeuwin II this evening against Rottnest Island and Nautical twilight 


  1. Nice work., Glad you got down there and managed some lovely shots. Sounds like fun with the police. Did they think you were a terrorist looking to blow up the ship?

  2. Thanks Chris, I think the police were just doing the standard car park check. They were both nice people and the female officer got out of the car for the kids to put beach sand on her seat:)

  3. Your kids are so caring, sharing like that. I'm sure they made her evening.