Friday, October 14, 2011

96 The Blue Angels in San Francisco - A break in the cruise post -

Blue Angels taxi for take off SFO
Fat Albert C130 on take off

The other week it was Fleet Week in San Francisco and whilst we didn't get to see much of it, we did decide to see a glimpse of the Blue Angels.

I say a glimpse because instead of fighting the crowds at the waterfront in San Francisco we decided to go the the airport instead.

Fat Albert C130 returning 
Whilst the disadvantage of this was that we didn't get to see the main show. the advantages were many, including: a shorter car trip, easy parking, no crowds, and plenty of aircraft to watch taking off and landing.

The biggest advantage of going to the airport was that we did see things that the rest of the crowd didn't, such as; Fat Albert the C130 Support Aircraft do a simulated rocket assisted take off with a climb out at 45 degrees and then a simulated short landing with a similarly steep angle of decent so as to avoid small arms fire by staying as high as possible for as long as possible.

Blue Angels
We also obviously had the chance to see the Blue Angels do a formation take off and then a formation landing.  We were surprised that the Blue Angels didn't stay out longer as they were only gone for about 20 minutes.

Well next year we may fight the traffic and go in to San Fran, have a great day.

Blue Angels Smoke On take off

An FA 18 returns to SFO - landing next to a taxing United 747

An F 15 Eagle landing and holding off on nose wheel touch down

Lufthansa A380 taxing SFO

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