Friday, October 7, 2011

95 Cruising the Inside Passage day 4 - Hubbard Glacier

A wet day for Hubbard Glacier but hot chocolate and Bailys helped
 Day 4 of our cruise centred around our arrival at the Hubbard Glacier which was also our most northerly point on the cruise.

Yakutat Bay 
The bergs can be dirty
 We arrived earlier than scheduled after departing Icy Strait Point the night before and unfortunately the rain arrived first.

 As we sailed into Yakutat Bay and started to venture on deck we found it to be cold, windy, rainy, overcast but totally spectacular.

First glimpse of the Hubbard Glacier through the rain
As we continued into the bay towards the glacier we started to see ice in the water and the bergs started to increase in size.

Blue ice and milky water
 The water was totally milky with ground silt from the effect of the glacier, and the icebergs in some cases were full of dirt.

Visibility was poor and the mist obscured the glacier from afar but as we slowly and carefully moved forward the mountain of ice became clearer.
The glacier was shedding bergs during our stay

Size was sometimes hard to fathom standing on deck level 11 on a 70 odd thousand tonne cruise ship with the glacier still taller than the ship.

The ship held position close to the glacier and used thrusters to rotate in position slowly allowing viewing from all parts of the ship.

Peter bought a new raincoat after
this, and one for his camera also.
The Wiki page says that the Hubbard Glacier is in the US state of Alaska but starts in the Yukon Territory of Canada and stretches 76miles (122km).

Would have loved to stay and spend the entire day and night there to catch the light, and go ashore, but not on this cruise, next stop will be Juneau on our day 5.

Cruising back south after the glacier and whilst
having dinner we sailed past Mount Logan in Canada

End of day 4

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