Tuesday, October 4, 2011

94 Cruising Inside Passage day 3 - Icy Strait Point

Sailing to Icy Strait Point
Reuben on the look out for Orcas

Continuing on from my previous post we are now on day 3 of our cruise along the Inside Passage Alaska, heading to Icy Strait Point.   

We arrived on schedule after more spectacular scenery along the way in the sheltered waters of the passage.

On arrival we went out on deck to a find a very chilled deck and made sure we were rugged up for the shore visit.

Shore transportation
Also on arrival we spotted another cruise ship the "Radiance of the Seas" maintaining station whilst re-boarding passages  from Icy Strait Point shore excursions.

The locals at Icy Strait are apparently outnumbered by bears 3:1 and it would appear that they are outnumbered by cruise visitors by many times that.

We headed to shore using the vessels tenders and were glad that the water was calm for the trip ashore, especially when boarding the tender with children.
Beach pebbles - we brought
 some home

The shore line Icy Strait Point
We booked a child friendly tour on shore and didn't do the zip line which looked frighteningly good, for information of the shore activities you can visit the Icy Strait line Point web site here - www.icystraitpoint.com 

Once ashore and on our Forrest Tram Tour it was time to zone in to the local sites and stories being described by the tour guide.

On the tour we stopped at a beach location and then on the way back pulled up as a pod of whales swam past.

Tail shot - wish I had my longer lens
The place was totally amazing with the vistas, waterfalls and the colored stones and pebbles along the beach.

It was a short stop at Icy Strait Point and it is a place we would like to return to and explore further one day, but now it was getting close to dinner time so it was back to the ship with some excitement about tomorrows stop "Hubbard Glacier"

Celebrity Century at Icy Strait Point


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